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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Biofuels from BiomassSingh, R K; Mishra, S
Dec-2012Determination of Activation Energy from Pyrolysis of Paper Cup Waste Using Thermogravimetric AnalysisSingh, R K; Biswal, B; Kumar, S
Oct-2011Effect of Hydrogen Enrichment on the Performance and Emissions of a Complete Bio-Fueled Diesel EngineR, Prakash; Pullagura, G; Singh, R K; Murugan, S
2006Hydrodynamic Studies of Gas-Solid Fluidization in Square Bed for Non-spherical ParticlesSingh, R K
2006A Novel Technique for Phenolic Wastewater TreatmentJena, H M; Roy, G K; Singh, R K
1997Packed and Fluidized Bed Pressure Drops In Non-Cylindrical ConduitsSingh, R K; Suryanarayana, A; Roy, G K
May-2011Performance analysis of blends of karanja methyl ester in a compression ignition engineSingh, R K; Rath, S
2011Performance and Emission Studies in a Diesel Engine Using Bio Oil-Diesel BlendsR, Prakash; Singh, R K; Murugan, S
2012Performance and Emission Studies of a Diesel Engine Fueled with Wood Pyrolysis Oil-Biodiesel EmulsionsRamakrishnan, P; Singh, R K; Murugan, S
Mar-1999Prediction of Bed Expansion Ratio for Gas-solid Fluidization in Cylindrical and Non-cylindrical BedsSingh, R K; Suryanarayana, A; Roy, G K
2006Prediction of bed fluctuation ratio for gas solid fluidization in cylindrical and non-cylindrical bedsSingh, R K; Roy, G K
1991Prediction of Fluctuation Ratio for Binary Mixtures of Non-Spherical Particles in Conical BedsSingh, R K; Roy, G K; Suryanarayana, A
2005Prediction of minimum bubbling velocity, fluidization index and range of particulate fluidization for gas–solid fluidization in cylindrical and non-cylindrical bedsSingh, R K; Roy, G K
1995Prediction Of Minimum Fluidization Velocity And Bed Pressure Drop In Non-circular Gas-solid Fluidized BedSingh, R K; Suryanarayana, A; Roy, G K
Feb-1992Prediction of Minimum Velocity and Minimum Bed Pressure Drop for Gas-Solid Fluidization in Conical ConduitsSingh, R K; Suryanarayana, A; Roy, G K
2006Preparation of karanja oil methyl esterSingh, R K; Kiran Kumar, A; Sethi, S
Dec-2019Production of Bioethanol from Waste PaperSingh, R K; Chaluvadi, S; Naik, B N
Dec-2011Recovery of Bio Oil From Mustard Seeds By Thermal PyrolysisSingh, R K; Pradhan, Saswat Kumar
Aug-2012Recovery of value added chemicals from waste tyre pyrolysisPradhan, D; Singh, R K
Mar-2011A Study of Degradation and Liquefaction of Waste PlasticsRamesh Babu, A; Singh, R K