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Title: A Novel Technique for Phenolic Wastewater Treatment
Authors: Jena, H M
Roy, G K
Singh, R K
Keywords: Pollution Control
Water Pollution
semi fluidized bed
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: MNIT, Jaipur
Citation: International Symp., Desalination and Water Purification : Water Resources and Their Management., MNIT, Jaipur, India, 2006. Also Published in Chemical Engineering World,Chemical Engineering World, 2008, Vol 43, Iss 2, P 67-74
Abstract: Fresh water crisis and its degradation due to contamination by industrial and municipal waste highlighted. Phenol is one of the most common contaminant, the methods of treatment of phenolic wastewater discussed emphasis given on the aerobic biological treatment. Special attention has been paid to the biological treatment mentioning the drawbacks of the traditional methods. The relative advantages of various modern bioreactors working on immobilization technique have been projected. The uniqueness of the fluidized and semi-fluidized bed bioreactors in the treatment of wastewater has been emphasized.
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