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Title: Prediction Of Minimum Fluidization Velocity And Bed Pressure Drop In Non-circular Gas-solid Fluidized Bed
Authors: Singh, R K
Suryanarayana, A
Roy, G K
Issue Date: 1995
Citation: Indian Chemical Engineer, Section A. Vol. 37, Nos. 1,2 ,1995
Abstract: The onset of fluidization velocity and corresponding pressure drop are. based on the balance between the forces which include the gravitational and fluid frictional forces exerted on the particles and the total effective weight of the particles. The equations for minimum fluidization velocity and corresponding pressure drop were derived for non-circular sections of square, hexagonal and semi-cylindrical shape and compared with the experimental ones. Under identical operating conditions, onset of fluidization velocity is minimum for a square bed while the semi - cylindrical one exhibits minimum bed pressure drop at the onset of fluidizaion.
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