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Title: Biofuels from Biomass
Authors: Singh, R K
Mishra, S
Keywords: Biomass
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Jeshubhai
Citation: Offshore World, April-June 2005, P 47-50
Abstract: Biomass is the most abundant, renewable unexplored source of energy. It is organic in nature, basically comprising cellulosic in nature and hemicellulosic matter found in the bio-degradable material from energy crops , agricultural and forest wastes , industrial, consumer and animal wastes . Energy reach compounds, otherwise known as bio-fuels, are prepared from the bio-mass by three important processes, physical, biological and thermo-chemical process. Bio-fuels are prepared in three forms that are solid, liquid and gaseous. Since these bio-fuels are the products from the bio-mass or the biological wastes as mentioned above, so bio-fuels draws credits for re-circulation of carbon to the atmosphere, rather adding more of Green House Gas. This also contains very less amount of sulphur compounds so SOx pollution is negligible. It is also seen, that nitrogen content in bio-flues compared to fossil fuels is less to 50%, resulting low NOx release to atmosphere. These are the basic reasons why this plays an advantageous role than the fossil fuels to bring back a healthy environment by restricting the Green House Effect, which is of great concern.
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