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Title: Hydrodynamic Studies of Gas-Solid Fluidization in Square Bed for Non-spherical Particles
Authors: Singh, R K
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Chemical Engineering World, Jan 2006, P 38-42
Abstract: Fluidization as an established fluid-solid contacting technique has found extensive applications in unit operations like drying, adsorption and in chemical processes Viz. solid-catalized reactions, carbonization, gasification and combustion. A fluidized bed can be achieved by increasing the upward velocity of the fluid through a fixed bed. Fluidized bed technique as compared to fixed bed has specific advantages. Albeit many advantages claimed of fluidization, the efficiency and the quality in large scale and deep gas-solid beds are seriously affected by bubbling, channeling and slugging behaviors, resulting in poor gas-solid contact, lower diffusion and heat transfer rates.
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