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Title: Prediction of Minimum Velocity and Minimum Bed Pressure Drop for Gas-Solid Fluidization in Conical Conduits
Authors: Singh, R K
Suryanarayana, A
Roy, G K
Keywords: gas fluidization
conical fluidized bed
minimum fluidization velocity
Issue Date: Feb-1992
Citation: The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol 70, February 1992
Abstract: Experimental investigations have been carried out for spherical and non-spherical particles using beds comprised of single-sized particles and mixtures in the size and particle density ranges of 439 to 1524 and 1303 to 4948 kg/m3, respectively. Five conical fluidizers with varying apex angles of 8.86, 14.77, 19.60, 32.0 and 43.2 degrees were used. Experimental values of minimum velocity and bed pressure drop with air as the fluidizing medium have been compared with their respective values obtained from different models available in the literature. Deviations for each chosen model have been presented.
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