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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2017“A Jack of Trio”- Facile One-pot Metal Free Oxidative Amination, Azidation and Peroxidation of PhenolsSarkar, Debayan; Ghosh, Manoj Kumar; Rout, Nilendri; Kuila, Puspendu
Dec-2023Jackfruit Peel Derived Zncl2-Impregnated Activated Carbon: Optimization, Characterization, and Application in Dye RemovalMinz, Pratima; Mishra, Susmita
Feb-2024Jacobi Wavelets Based Solution of Stochastic Fractional Integro-differential EquationGupta, Reema; Chakraverty, S.
Dec-2023Jamun Seed Starch/Tamarind Kernel Xyloglucan/Chitosan Nanoparticles-Based Bionanocomposite Films for Active Food Packaging Applications: A Sustainable Route for Waste ManagementSanthosh, R; Sarkar, Preetam
Sep-2014Joint Iterative CCI and ICI Cancellation for STBC-OFDM System in Fast Fading ChannelPatra, J P; Singh, P
1994Joint parameter estimation and restoration using MRF models and homotopy continuation methodNanda, P K; Desai, U B; Poonacha, P G
Dec-2011Jute and cotton fiber reinforce paper laminates and their characterizationKumar, Pawan; Chaturvedi, A; Verma, B B
Dec-2023K-Means Clustering Based VM Placement Using MAD and IQRTandon, Akanksha; Jena, Aditya; Patel, Sanjeev
Apr-2023A K-Medoids-LSTM based Technique for Electromechanical Modes identification for Synchrophasor ApplicationsSahoo, Manoranjan; Roy, Anamika; Rai, Shekha
Feb-2020Kinect Based Frontal Gait Recognition Using Skeleton and Depth Derived FeaturesSheshadri, Manasa Gowri Hebbur; Okade, Manish
2012Kinematic Analysis of a Dexterous HandBiswal, B B; Parida, P K; Pati, K C
2012Kinematic Analysis of an Anthropomorphic Robot HandParida, P K; Biswal, B B; Thatoi, D N
Feb-2016Kinematic Control of a Mobile ManipulatorDeepak, B B V L; Parhi, D R; Praksh, R
Dec-2012Kinematic Design and Compliant Grasp Analysis of a 5-Fingered Robotic HandParida, P K; Biswal, B B; Kumar, S
Sep-2011Kinematic Modeling and Analysis of a Multifingered Robotic HandParida, P K; Biswal, B B; Khan, M R
Feb-2016Kinematic Modelling and Simulation of Manipulator for Executing Welding Operations with Arbitrary Weld Joint ProfilesDeepak, B B V L; Rao, C A; Raju, B M V A; Singh, P K
Feb-2024Kinematic prediction of a Bioinspired Foldable Flapping Wing Mechanism using Artificial Neural NetworkKumar, Avinash; Dewangan, Bhushan; Roy, Haraprasad
Aug-2019Kinetic Study On The Removal Of Heavy Metals By Cajanus Cajan Husk And Butea Monosperma LeavesDevani, Mallappa A.; Munshi, Basudeb
2005Kinetics of Adsorption of Anionic, Cationic, and Nonionic SurfactantsParia, S; Manohar, C; Khilar, K C
1996Kinetics of Aluminothermic Reduction of MnO2 and Fe2O3: A Thermoanalytical InvestigationSarangi, B; Sarangi, A; Ray, H S