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Title: Kinematic Control of a Mobile Manipulator
Authors: Deepak, B B V L
Parhi, D R
Praksh, R
Keywords: Robotic manipulator
Wheeled mobile platform
Inverse kinematic models
End effector constraints
Geometric wheel constraints
Issue Date: Feb-2016
Citation: International Conference on Signal, Networks, Computing, and Systems(ICSNCS) New Delhi, India, 25-27 February 2016
Abstract: Proper motion planning algorithms are necessary for intelligent robotic systems in order to execute their specific tasks. To solve this problem, current research work introduces the inverse kinematic models for mobile manipulators. In general a systematic closed form solution is not available in the case of inverse kinematic models. To obtain elucidation for inverse kinematic problem is more complex as compared to direct kinematics problem. The current research work aims to combine the functionality of a robot arm with an autonomous platform. It means development of an autonomous wheeled mobile robot on which the robot arm is mounted. The purpose of this work is to integrate both the segments (i.e. mobile manipulator & mobile platform), such that the system can perform the constrained moves of the arm in the mean while as the platform is moving.
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