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Title: “A Jack of Trio”- Facile One-pot Metal Free Oxidative Amination, Azidation and Peroxidation of Phenols
Authors: Sarkar, Debayan
Ghosh, Manoj Kumar
Rout, Nilendri
Kuila, Puspendu
Keywords: Oxidative Amination
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Citation: International Conference on Frontiers in Chemical Sciences(ICFCS), Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi, India, 16-18 March 2017
Abstract: A highly efficient methodology for generation of nitrogen containing Quarternary Carbon centres via aminative and azidative oxidative dearomatization of phenols has been explored. The same protocol has also been succesfully employed to achieve oxidative peroxidation of Phenols. The simplest metal free reaction conditions delineates an easy break through to the “Trio”- of oxidative amination, azidation and peroxidation. An array of diverse polyfunctionalised heterocycles has been synthesized in one pot
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