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Title: Kinematic Analysis of a Dexterous Hand
Authors: Biswal, B B
Parida, P K
Pati, K C
Keywords: multi-fingered gripper
robotic hand
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications
Citation: Advanced Materials Research Vols. 433-440 (2012) pp 754-762
Abstract: Handling of objects with irregular shapes and that of flexible/soft objects by ordinary robot grippers is difficult. Multi fingered gripper may be a solution to such handling tasks. However, dexterous grippers will be the appropriate solution to such problems. Although it is possible to develop robotic hands which can be very closely mapped to human hands, it is sometimes not to be done due to control, manufacturing and economic reasons. The present work aims at designing and developing a dexterous robotic hand for manipulation of objects.
Description: Copyright for this paper belongs to Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland
URI: 10.4028/
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