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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-20102-D Separable Discrete Hartley Transform Architecture for Efficient FPGA ResourceSharma, V K; Agrawal, R; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
20093-D Reconstruction and Automatic Fusion of Edge Maps from Different Modalities of an ObjectPati, U C; Modi, A; Dutta, P K; Barua, A
Aug-2016Design of Photovoltaic MPPT Based Charger for Leadacid BatteriesPadhee, S; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
Apr-2016Design of standalone PV system for DC micro-gridIngale, G B; Padhee, S; Pati, U C
2003Development of a PC based Temperature ControllerPati, U C; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Feb-2011An Efficient Distributed Arithmetic based VLSI Architecture for DCTSharma, V K; Mahapatra, K K; Pati, U C
Jan-2011An Efficient Sparse 8×8 Orthogonal Transform Matrix for Color Image CompressionSenapati, R K; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
2010Image Compression Using Discrete Tchebichef Transform AlgorithmSenapati, R K; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
2014Implementation of Fuzzy-PID Controller to Liquid Level System using LabVIEWPrusty, S B; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
Mar-2013Implementation of ON/OFF and PID controller using TCP Protocol Based on Virtual InstrumentationBisoyi, A; Pati, U C
Dec-2015Improved DCT-based Phase Correlation Method for Image MosaicingPandey, A; Pati, U C
Mar-2012Internet Based Boiler Drum Level Control System Using LabVIEWAgrawal, R; Pati, U C
Feb-2015Investigation on Transient Response of Fuel Cell Power Conditioning Unit During Rapid Load ChangesPadhee, S; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
May-2016IoT Based Monitoring and Control of Appliances for Smart HomeKumar, P; Pati, U C
Dec-2015LANDSAT Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus Image Registration using SIFTPaul, S; Durgam, U K; Pati, U C
2010Laser-based Non-Contact Dimension Measurement of an ObjectPati, U C; Kumar, D; Dutta, P K
Dec-2011A Low Complexity Embedded Image Coding Algorithm Using Hierarchical Listless DTTSenapati, R K; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
Dec-2010A Low Complexity Orthogonal 8×8 Transform Matrix for Fast Image CompressionSenapati, R K; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K K
Mar-2016Modelling Switched Mode DC-DC Converter using System Identification Techniques: A ReviewPadhee, S; Pati, U C; Mahapatra, K
Mar-2013Monitoring and analysis of vibration signal based on virtual instrumentationMohanta, S; Pati, U C