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Title: 3-D Reconstruction and Automatic Fusion of Edge Maps from Different Modalities of an Object
Authors: Pati, U C
Modi, A
Dutta, P K
Barua, A
Keywords: affine transforms
data acquisition
edge detection
image fusion
image reconstruction
image registration
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Image Processing, 2009. CIIP '09, Nashville, TN, March 30 2009-April 2 2009 Page(s):53 - 59,
Abstract: The paper presents reconstruction of a 3-D model as well as automatic fusion of edge maps extracted from the 3-D model and intensity image of an object. A data acquisition system has been developed with a laser source and camera. The 3-D model of the object is reconstructed by registration and integration of a set of range images obtained from scanning the object by laser beam. The intensity image of the object is captured under illumination light. Edge maps in both the cases are extracted by appropriate techniques. The corner points of various shapes in both the edge maps are obtained by implementing a technique using shape signatures. 3-D edge points are mapped to 2-D plane with the help of perspective transformation. A novel algorithm has been proposed for the establishment of automatic correspondence between the corner points in both the edge maps. The method for automatic fusion of edge maps using affine transformation followed by iterative closest point algorithm has been introduced. Range and intensity images are complementary in nature and provide a richness of description which is not possible with either source in isolation.
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