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Title: Monitoring and analysis of vibration signal based on virtual instrumentation
Authors: Mohanta, S
Pati, U C
Keywords: Virtual instrumentation
Data acquisition
Vibration signal analysis
Power spectrum
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Citation: International Conference on Advance Computing and Communication(ICACC),Ranchi, 6th-17th March 2013.
Abstract: Machine plays a vital role in the plant. Maintenance is a very important factor for a machine, which is required regularly. Vibration monitoring and analysis is a predictive maintenance technique by which the faults can be detected in the machines. In this work, data acquisition system (hardwaremodule9234), signal analysis and lab VIEW are used to detect various faults which occur in the machine. As a result, the necessary control action can be taken on the machine in advance. For processing and analysis of vibration signal, time domain and frequency domain analysis of vibration signal is implemented. Spectrum analysis has provided more accurate information about the vibration signal type, signal fault region and fault extent as compared to time domain analysis.
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