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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Block Diffusion Adaptation over Distributed Adaptive Networks under Imperfect Data TransmissionKumar, S; Sahoo, A K; Acharya, D P
2015Characterization of Fly-Ash and Cold Setting Resin Powder CompactsKumar, S; Pattanaik, A; Mishra, S C
2014Comparing the Performance analysis of three tank level control system using Feedback and Feedforward-feedback configurationSingh, A K; Kumar, S
Dec-2012Determination of Activation Energy from Pyrolysis of Paper Cup Waste Using Thermogravimetric AnalysisSingh, R K; Biswal, B; Kumar, S
Apr-2015Distributed Incremental Leaky LMSSowjanya, M; sahoo, A K; Kumar, S
Dec-2017Effect of carbonization temperatures on biochar formation of bamboo leavesPattnaik, D; Kumar, S; Bhuyan, S. K; Mishra, S. C
Apr-2013An Improved VLSI Architecture of S-box for AES EncryptionKumar, S; Sharma, V K; Mahapatra, K K
May-2015Investigation of Compressive Creep Behaviour of Die-cast MRI153M and MRI230D Magnesium AlloysMondal, A K; Shastri, H; Bankoti, A K S; Kumar, S
Dec-2012Kinematic Design and Compliant Grasp Analysis of a 5-Fingered Robotic HandParida, P K; Biswal, B B; Kumar, S
Mar-2013Low Latency VLSI Architecture of S-box for AES EncryptionKumar, S; Sharma, V K; Mahapatra, K K
Dec-2015Modified Configurable RO PUF with Improved Security MetricsSahoo, S R; Kumar, S; Mahapatra, K K
10-Jan-2015A Negative Multiscale Error Diffusion Technique for Digital HalftoningPanda, N R; Sahoo, A K; Kumar, S
Jan-2015A Novel On-Chip Self-Testing Signature Register for Low Cost Manufacturing TestLodha, K R; Kumar, S; Mahapatra, K K
Nov-2015A Novel Regenerative and Anti-Lock Braking technique for Electric VehiclesMaliye, S; Kumar, S; Swain, A; Mahapatra, K K
Jun-2015A Novel ROPUF for Hardware SecuritySahoo, S R; Kumar, S; Mahapatra, K K
Oct-2015Physics of failure based analysis of Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorSahoo, S R; Behera, S K; Kumar, S; Varde, P V; Ravi Kumar, G
2008Point Defect Creation by Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation Induced Low Energy Electrons in YBa2Cu3O7-yBiswal, R; John, J; Behera, D; Mallick, P; Kumar, S; Kanjilal, D; Mohanty, T; Raychoudhuri, P; Mishra, N C
2014Regenerative and Anti-Lock Braking System in Electric VehiclesMaliye, S; Satapathy, P; Kumar, S; Mahapatra, K
Dec-2015Robust Estimation in Distributed Wireless Sensor NetworkKumar, S; Sahoo, A K; Acharya, D P
Mar-2014Tuning of PID Controller for Higher order systemKumar, S; Pati, U C