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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2012Aacoustic emission trends in kaiser effect of rocks – a new approach for estimation of in situ stressJayanthu, S; Rao, G M Nagaraja; Prasad, BNVS
Feb-2016Challenges and Need of Trans-Disciplinary Research for Technological Innovations in Coal Mining – A Look ForwardJayanthu, S
Nov-2011Design of optimum slopes for safety and conservation In opencastmines – an appraisalJayanthu, S; Reddy, Ch Veera
Jan-2016Development of Indigenous Wireless Tiltmeter for Slope Stability Monitoring in Opencast MinesJayanthu, S; Karthik, G; Shohood A, P M G
May-2013Field monitoring of stability of dump – a case studyJayanthu, S; Behera, S
Dec-2010Ground Vibrations in Opencast Mine Blast on Structures Vis-À-Vis a Local Environmental Effect and Its Mitigation Through Mining TechnologyJayanthu, S; Naveen, Ch; Rao, G V; Susheel Kumar, B R V
May-2013Innovations in sand mining for sustanable developmentJayanthu, S; Chandramohan, .
Feb-2016Innovative Method of Non-Destructive Testing of Wire Ropes and Winding Equipment in Mines Vis-À-Vis Calibration of DefectsJayanthu, S
Jun-2014Mass utilisation of fly ash as backfilling material in open pit mines – a case studyJayanthu, S
Dec-2016Mitigation of Power Quality Problem in Underground Mine Using Different Control StrategiesSukanth, T; Jayanthu, S
Nov-2011Noise Cancellation Techniques for Enhancing Speech Communication in Mechanized MinesRaghav, A; Jayanthu, S
Nov-2011Organization of strata management cell – a vital requirementJayanthu, S; Laxminarayana, V; Singh, T N; Singh, D P
Mar-2013Problems of fly ash disposal and investigations on stability of admixture of fly ash and over burden material in opencast minesJayanthu, S
Nov-2016Recent Advances in Testing and Field Investigations for Understanding Stability of Flyash as Back Filling Material in Opencast Mines – A Case StudyJayanthu, S
Feb-2016Recent Innovations in Wireless Systems for Slope Stability Monitoring In Opencast Mines – An Appraisal for IndeginisationJayanthu, S; Karthik, G
Dec-2014Recent Trends in Communication Systems for Underground MinesJayanthu, S; Jayadarshana, S
Nov-2011Scope of application of L.E.D. lighting systems over conventional lighting arrangements in open cast minesHitesh, M; Jayanthu, S
Nov-2011Scope of mining on the moon - a critical appraisalJayanthu, S; Tripathi, B; Sandeep, A
Sep-2015Simulation of PI Controller to Improve Voltage in Underground Coal MineSukanth, T; Jayanthu, S
Jan-2011Strata Control Problems of Underground Coal Mining Vis-À-Vis Geotechnical Insturmentation and Numerical Model StudiesJayanthu, S