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Title: Mitigation of Power Quality Problem in Underground Mine Using Different Control Strategies
Authors: Sukanth, T
Jayanthu, S
Keywords: Power Quality
PI Controller
Hysteresis Voltage Control
Underground Mine
Voltage Sag
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10-HTC), Agra, India, 21-23 December 2016
Abstract: Electricity plays a pivotal role in almost all businesses, particularly in the mining industry. Without it, it would be hard or nearly impossible for miners to do their job. But since mine sites are often located at the end of the grid and operated with the use of heavy mining equipment, they are particularly susceptible to power issues. With the constantly increasing cost of energy, mining sites are struggling to remain competitive in the market and keep their operation as smooth as possible. And since they are also considered very large power users, mines are usually being targeted by electrical companies and related organizations. As mines get deeper, the need of voltage support becomes critical. This paper presents the modeling and implementation of a three-phase DSTATCOM (Distribution Static Compensator) using different controllers such as proportional integral control and hysteresis voltage control to improve power quality in underground mining. The control technique based on voltage reference signals, and the proposed system is designed in MATLAB software, results show that the how DSTATCOM is useful for power quality improvement in underground mining.
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