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Title: Strata Control Problems of Underground Coal Mining Vis-À-Vis Geotechnical Insturmentation and Numerical Model Studies
Authors: Jayanthu, S
Keywords: Coal mining
Strata control
Issue Date: Jan-2011
Citation: International Conference on Underground Space Technology, Bangalore , 17-19 Jan,2011
Abstract: This paper presents overview of problems of underground coal mining in India and the need of strata control investigations for improved safety, conservation and economy of the coal mining operations. Instrumentation required for better understanding of strata behaviour around underground opening is presented besides approaches for design of strata control techniques. In view of the significant level of accidents due to roof and side falls in Indian coal mines, emphasis is made on the recent trends in geotechnical investigations, application of numerical models with a case study for better understanding of strata behaviour in coal mines. The numerical model results on stress concentration over pillar, stook and the rib showed variation of 3.6%,8.33% and 6.12%, respectively as compared to the field bservations for 7 m thick coal seam. Purpose of geotechnical instrumentation for strata behaivour monitoring in coal mines and mining options in Indian coalfields is also discussed with reference to strata control problems.
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