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Title: Simulation of PI Controller to Improve Voltage in Underground Coal Mine
Authors: Sukanth, T
Jayanthu, S
Keywords: Power Quality
Custom Power Devices
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Citation: ENCONMining 2015 : National Seminar on Energy Conservation in Mining & Mineral Industries for Sustainable Development. The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal, Bhubaneswar, 12-13 Sept 2015
Abstract: Power Quality is defined as “any occurrence manifested in current, voltage, or frequency deviations that results in damage, upset or failure of end-use equipment’s. It is common experience that electric power of poor quality has detrimental effects on health of different equipment and systems. The voltage at the equipment terminal determines the starting and running torques. Mining operation performance is strategically linked to the efficiency of electrical motors. In case of any typical underground mines starting a big motor such as is used on winders, crushers, haulers, pumps etc. particularly on weak systems, results in a large voltage drop, which significantly reduces the torque of the motor. The resultant harmonic currents cause high voltage distortions which in turn disturbs other equipment connected to the same bus, and can exceed harmonic limits issued by the utility. In such cases, fast dynamic reactive power compensation systems that reduce harmonics to acceptable levels become essential. Therefore loads such as continuous miners, shearers, crushers, etc. are in demand and also sensitive to voltage dips and fluctuations. In this paper, Custom Power (CP) devices is developed using MATLAB / SIMULINK and will be implemented for improving power supply to mining industry.
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