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Title: Development of Indigenous Wireless Tiltmeter for Slope Stability Monitoring in Opencast Mines
Authors: Jayanthu, S
Karthik, G
Shohood A, P M G
Keywords: Slope stability
GSM Module
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Citation: Seminar on Make in India Initiatives in Mining, Satna, India, 23 Dec 2016
Abstract: This paper presents the feasibility of using already existing triaxial accelerometer for tilt sensing in slopes. It is also proposed to design, a wireless tilt meter by Arduino boards, Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) modules and triaxial accelerometer which could be specially tailored for the needs of monitoring hazardous rock bodies in surface mines. By recording angles of any slope, in a surface mine, over extended periods of time, changes in readings can infer instabilities in the rock mass underlying the slope being measured. By placing many tiltmeters in a mesh on a surface slope, the entire surface can be monitored. Compared to the measurements of a single point using one instrument, a dense network can be extremely useful in detecting rock movement. The recorded data will be transmitted by using the GSM modules.
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