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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2018P300 Detection using Ensemble of SVM for Brain-Computer Interface ApplicationKundu, Sourav; Ari, Samit
1997Packed and Fluidized Bed Pressure Drops In Non-Cylindrical ConduitsSingh, R K; Suryanarayana, A; Roy, G K
1988Packed Bed Pressure Drop and Incipient Fluidization Condition in a Conical Bed of Spherical Particles : A Mathematical ModelAgarwal, S K; Roy, G K
Dec-2016Panorama Generation using Feature based Mosaicing and Modified Graph-cut BlendingPandey, Achala; Pati, Umesh C
Aug-2022Papaya-Derived Carbon-Dot-Loaded Fluorescent Hydrogel for NIR-Stimulated Photochemotherapy and Antibacterial ActivityPanda, Snigdharani; Pattnayak, Bibek Chaw; Dash, Priyanka; Nayak, Bismita; Mohapatra, Sasmita
Dec-2014PAPR Reduction in OFDM systemsPradhan, P K; Yadav, S S; Patra, S K
2005A Parallel Algorithm for Dynamic Slicing of Distributed Java Programs in non-DSM SystemsMohapatra, D P; Mall, R; Kumar, R
2003Parallel Genetic Algorithm Based Crowding Scheme Using Neighbouring Net TopologyNanda, P K; Kanungo, P; Muni, D P
2004Parallel Genetic Algorithm based Textured Image Segmentation using Markov Random Field ModelNanda, P K; Panda, Sucheta; Kanungo, P
2006Parallel Genetic Algorithm Based Thresholding for Image SegmentationKanungo, P; Nanda, P K
2002Parallel genetic algorithm based unsupervised scheme for extractionof power frequency signals in the steel industryNanda, P K; Ghose, B; Swain, T N
2004Parallel Hybrid Tabu Search Algorithm for Image RestorationNanda, P K; Patra, D
2002Parallelized Crowding Scheme Using a New Interconnection ModelNanda, P K; Muni, D P; Kanungo, P
1995Parameter estimation of power system signals using SVDSwain, A K; Subudhi, B
Nov-2017Parameter Estimation of Wiener Nonlinear Model Using Least Mean Square (LMS) AlgorithmGupta, Saurav; Sahoo, Ajit Kumar; Sahoo, Upendra Kumar
2008Parameter Estimation Techniques Applied to Power NetworksSubudhi, B; Ray, P K; Panda, A M; Mohanty, S R
Jul-2013Parameter Identification of Multistorey Frame Structure From Uncertain Dynamic DataBehera, D; Chakraverty, S
2005Parameter Optimization in Plasma in Plasma Spraying of Red Mud using Fractional Factorial TechniqueSatapathy, Alok; Mishra, S C; Mantry, Sisir; Padmanabhan, P V A; Sreekumar, K P
2001Parameteric Instability of Doubly Curved Pannels Subjected to Non-uniform Harmonic LoadingSahu, S K; Datta, P K
2006Parametric Analysis and Optimization of Cutting Parameters for Turning arametric Analysis and Optimization of Cutting Parameters for Turning Operations based on Taguchi MethodMahapatra, S S; Patnaik, A; Patnaik, Prabina Ku