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Title: Parameter estimation of power system signals using SVD
Authors: Swain, A K
Subudhi, B
Keywords: Singular value decomposition technique
off nominal frequency
damping of signal
estimation technique for amplitude
power system signals
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: Books and journal Pvt Ltd India
Citation: Indian journal of power and river valley development, 1995, P 119-122
Abstract: This paper presents an estimation technique for amplitude, frequency, phase and damping of a signal embedded in noise. This signal considered in this paper belongs to that of a power system, where frequency deviations in the neighbourhood of the nominal value occur due to dynamic oscillations or faults. The off-nominal frequency, amplitude and damping are estimated using a damped sinusoidal model, and a Taylor series expansion technique around the nominal value. Singular value decomposition(SVD) technique is used to solve the set of over-determined and under-determined equations for the instantaneous data samples, and the relevant computer simulation results are presented.
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