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Title: Parallel Hybrid Tabu Search Algorithm for Image Restoration
Authors: Nanda, P K
Patra, D
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Jadavpur University
Citation: Proceedings of International Conference on Communications, Devices & Intelligent Systems, 8-10 Jan 2004, Kolkatta, India, P 532-535
Abstract: In this article a novel parallel hybrid algorithm is proposed for image restoration. The Image restoration problem is formulated as a Maximum a Posteriori (MAP) estimation problem. The noise free image is modeled as Markov Random Field Model. The MAP estimates are obtained by the proposed hybrid Tabu algorithms. The performance of the algorithm is enhanced by parallelizing the proposed hybrid algorithm. The results obtained using the proposed algorithm are compared with that of using Simulated Annealing algorithm and it was found that the former outperforms the later one. The results presented in this paper correspond to the serial implementation of parallel algorithm
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