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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Time Localised Band Filtering Using Modified S-TransformGeorge, N V; Sahu, S S; Mansinha, L; Tiampo, K F; Panda, G
Aug-2019Time Series based Air Pollution Forecasting using SARIMA and Prophet ModelSamal, K. Krishna Rani; Babu, Korra Sathya; Das, Santosh Kumar; Acharaya, Abhirup
2007Timeýfrequency transform approach for protection of parallel transmission linesDash, P K; Samantaray, S R; Panda, G; Panigrahi, B K
2003A Token Based Distributed Algorithm for Medium Access in an Optical Ring NetworkTuruk, A K; Kumar, R; Ramamurthy, B
2004A token-based distributed algorithm for medium access in an optical ring networkTuruk, A K; Kumar, R; Badrinath, R
Oct-2004A token-based distributed algorithm to support QoS in a WDM ring network.Turuk, A K; Kumar, R
2011Topology Control by Transmission Range Adjustment Protocol for Clustered Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksChinara, S; Rath, S K
21-Sep-2010Topology Control by Transmission Range Adjustment Protocol for ClusteredMobile Ad Hoc NetworksChinara, S; Rath, S K
2006Total Concentration Approach for Three-Dimensional Diffusion-Controlled Wet Chemical EtchingRath, P; Chai, J C; Zheng, H; Lam, Y C; Murukeshan, V M
2005A Total Concentration Fixed-Grid Method for Two-Dimensional Diffusion-Controlled Wet Chemical EtchingRath, P; Chai, J C; Zheng, H Y; Lam, Y C; Murukeshan, V M
2008Total Variation Based Wavelet Domain Filter for Image DenoisingBhoi, N; Meher, S
Mar-2018Towards a Transgender Religion in IndiaRath, Akshaya K
Nov-2015Towards an Alternative Indian PoetryRath, A K
Oct-2012Towards Optimized Placement of Cameras for Gait Pattern RecognitionRaman, R; Sa, Pankaj K; Bakshi, S; Majhi, B
Dec-2018Towards the Rational Design of Graphene Oxide-based Nanocomposites for Catalytic and Sensing ApplicationsDash, Priyabrat
Feb-2018Tractable Synthesis of Graphene Oxide by Electrochemical Exfoliation MethodSrinivasanaik, Azmeera; Mallik, Archana
Dec-2012Traditional Wisdom and Resource Management: Some Reflection from IndiaMishra, N
2021Traffic-aware UAV placement strategies for load balancing in 5G cellular hotspotsMahapatra, Byomakesh; Verma, Anuradha; Gupta, Deepika; Sharma, Pankaj K.; Turuk, Ashok Kumar
Feb-2018Training-based Joint Antenna and Relay Selection in Multiuser Downlink Cellular Network with RF ImpairmentsMishra, Anoop Kumar; Singh, Poonam
2013A Trajectory-Based Ball Detection and Tracking System with Applications to Shooting Angle and Velocity Estimation in Basketball VideosChakraborty, B; Meher, S