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Title: PI with Fuzzy Logic Controller based APLC for compensating harmonic and reactive power
Authors: Karuppanan, P
Mahapatra, K K
Keywords: Shunt Active Power Line Conditioners (APLC)
PI controller
Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC)
Harmonics, Hysteresis Current Controller (HCC)
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: PI with Fuzzy Logic Controller based APLC for compensating harmonic and reactive power
Abstract: this article explores design and analysis of proportional integrator (PI) along with Fuzzy Logic controller (FLC) based Shunt active power line conditioners (APLC) for compensating reactive power and harmonic currents drawn by the load. The aim is to study different control strategies for real time compensating current harmonics at different power conditions. The compensation process is based on calculation of unit sine vector and reduces the dc capacitor ripple voltage of the PWM-VSI by using PI with fuzzy logic controller. The switching is done according to gating signals obtained from hysteresis band current controller and capacitor voltage is continuously maintained constant. The shunt APLC is investigated through Matlab/Simulink simulation under different steady state and transient conditions using PI, FLC and PI with FLC. The results demonstrate that combination of PI with FLC is a better solution that reduces the settling time of the dc capacitor and suppresses harmonics in the load current(s).
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