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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2012Problems of mining wastes management in india and its suggestive measures – case studiesPal, B K; Khanda, D K; Dey, S
Jan-2013Process and progress of sintering behavior of Cu-Al2O3 compositesDash, K; Panda, S; Ray, B C
2014Process Corner Variation Aware Design of Low Power Current Starved VCORout, P K; Acharya, D P; Panda, G; Nayak, D
Jan-2017A Process for Prevention of Browning in Fresh Cut Tender JackfruitPradhan, Rama Chandra
2007A Process Integration based Approach for the Analysis of an Evaporator SystemKhanam, S; Mohanty, B
Oct-2018Process optimization of Sohiong fruit juice extraction with better quality using RSMVivek, Kambhampati; Mishra, Sabyasachi; Pradhan, Rama Chandra
2007Process Parametric Study for Ethene Carboxylic Acid Removal onto Powder Activated Carbon using Box-Behnken DesignKumar, Arvind; Prasad, B; Mishra, I M
Apr-2016Processing and Characterization of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Short Palmyra FiberBiswal, S; Satapathy, A
2018Processing and Characterization of Fly-ash CompactsKumar, Satyajeet; Singha, Shailesh Kumar; Mishra, S. C
2009Processing and Characterization of Jute - Epoxy Composites Reinforced with SiC derived from Rice HuskSatapathy, Alok; Jha, A K; Mantry, Sisir; Singh, S K; Patnaik, A
Aug-2012Processing and Characterization of Ni2MnSn FSMABehera, A; Mishra, S C
2013Processing and Dielectric Properties of Bio-fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Using Brown Grass Flower BroomDhal, J P; Mishra, S C
Dec-2010Processing and properties of Bio-waste reinforced polymer compositesAireddy, H; Mishra, S C
2013Processing and properties of Cu based micro- and nano-compositesPanda, S; Dash, K; Ray, B C
2013Processing and Properties of Natural Fiber-Reinforced Polymer CompositeDhal, J P; Mishra, S C
Jul-2011Processing and Thermal Conductivity Characterization of Solid Glass Micro-Spheres Filled Polymer CompositesMishra, D; Satapathy, Alok; Patnaik, A
2005Processing microstructure property correlation of porous Ni–YSZ cermets anode for SOFC applicationPratihar, S K; Das Sharma, A; Maiti, H S
2005Processing, properties and some novel applications of magnetic nanoparticlesBhagadur, D; Giri, J; Nayak, B B; Sriharsha, T; Pradhan, P; Prasad, N K; Barick, K C; Ambashta, R D
2010Prodding the Magnetic Properties of Sono-Electrodeposited Nickel by Magnetic Force Microscope (MFM)Das, A; Mallik, A; Ray, B C
Jan-2011Product Testing in Financial Services: An ApplicationBag, D