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Title: Localization of Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Single Anchor Node
Authors: Rashid, H
Turuk, A K
Keywords: GPS
Wireless sensor networks (WSN)
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Wireless Personal Communications, Vol. 72(2) September 2013, pp 975-986
Abstract: Localization of nodes in a sensor network is essential for the following two reasons: (i) to know the location of a node reporting the occurrence of an event, and (ii) to initiate a prompt action whenever necessary. Different localization techniques have been proposed in the literature. Most of these techniques use three location aware nodes for localization of an unknown node. Moreover, the localization techniques also differ from environment to environment. In this paper, we proposed a localization technique for grid environment. Sensor nodes are deployed in a grid pattern and localization is achieved using a single location aware or anchor node. We have identified three types of node in the proposed scheme: (i) Anchor node, (ii) Unknown node and (iii) Special node. First, the special nodes are localized with respect to the anchor node, then the unknown nodes are localized using trilateration mechanism. We have compared the proposed scheme with an existing localization algorithm for grid deployment called Multiduolateration. The parameters considered for localization are localization time and localization error. It is observed that localization time and error in the proposed scheme is lower than that of Multiduolateration.
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