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Title: Localization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Corridor Environments using Deep Learning
Authors: Padhy, Ram Prasad
Ahmad, Shahzad
Verma, Sachin
Bakshi, Sambit
Sa, Pankaj K
Keywords: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
Deep learning
Parallel Tracking and Mapping (PTAM)
Issue Date: Jan-2021
Citation: International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR2020)- Milan,Italy, 10-15 january 2021
Abstract: We propose a monocular vision assisted localization algorithm, that will help a UAV navigate safely in indoor corridor environments. Always,the aim is to navigate the UAV through a corridor in the forward direction by keeping it at the center with no orientation either to the left or right side. The algorithm makes use of the RGB image, captured from the UAV front camera, and passes it through a trained Deep Neural Network(DNN) to predict the position of the UAV as either on the left or centeror right side of the corridor. Depending upon the divergence of the UAV with respect to an imaginary central line, known as the central bisector line (CBL) of the corridor, a suitable command is generated to bring the UAV to the center. When the UAV is at the center of the corridor, a new image is passed through another trained DNN to predict the orientation of the UAV with respect to the CBL of the corridor. If the UAV is either left or right tilted, an appropriate command is generated to rectify the orientation. We also propose a new corridor data set, named UAVCorV1,which contains images as captured by the UAV front camera when the UAV is at all possible locations of a variety of corridors. An exhaustive set of experiments in different corridors reveal the efficacy of the proposed algorithm
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