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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012FTIR Spectroscopic Invitro Drug Interaction Study of Nifedipine MicrosphereParida, P; Mishra, S C; Sahoo, S
Mar-2012Fuel Cell connected to Grid through InverterBhuyan, K C; Sao, S K; Mahapatra, K K
Oct-2015Fuel Cell for Standalone Application Using FPGA Based ControllerMahapatra, K K; Bhuyan, K C
2000Fully developed combined convection in a seven-rod horizontal bundleHaldar, S C
2003Fusion Behaviour of Synthetic Aluminothermic Ferro-chrome SlagsMohanty, U K; Behera, R C
Mar-2019Fusion of histogram based features for Human Action RecognitionSahoo, Suraj Prakash; R, Silambarasi; Ari, Samit
1993A fuzzy adaptive correction scheme for short term load forecasting using fuzzy layered neural networkDash, P K; Dash, S; Rahman, S
2003Fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy approaches to control a flexible single-link manipulatorSubudhi, B; Morris, A S
2004Fuzzy Based Chip Level Based Receiver For Direct Sequence-Code Division Multiple Access Communication SystemPanda, Sharmistha; Patra, S K
May-2012A Fuzzy Based Green Supply Chain Performance Appraisement PlatformSahu, N K; Datta, S; Mahapatra, S K
2009Fuzzy Controlled Harmonic Suppressor and Reactive Volt Ampere Compensator for Enhancing Power QualityPerumalla, C S; Panda, P C; Mishra, S
Oct-1998Fuzzy implementation of a Bayesian equaliser in the presence of intersymbol and co-channel interferencePatra, S K; Mulgrew, B
1996Fuzzy Logic Based Cement Kiln ControlSwain, A K; Subudhi, B
2008Fuzzy Logic Based Control of Variable Speed Induction Machine Wind Generation SystemKaur, K; Chowdhury, S; Chowdhury, S P; Mohanty, K B; Domijan, A
2009Fuzzy Logic Based Integrated Control of Anti-Lock Brake System and Collision Avoidance System using CAN for Electric VehiclesKumar K, S; Verghese, L; Mahapatra, K K
2010Fuzzy Logic Controlled Active Power Line Conditioners for Power quality ImprovementsKaruppanan, P; Mahapatra, K K
Dec-2011Fuzzy Logic Controller based 3-ph 4-wire SHAF for Current Harmonics Compensation with id-iq Control strategy Using Simulation and RTDS HardwarePanda, A K; Mikkili, S
Apr-2016Fuzzy Logic Controller based STATCOM for Voltage Profile Improvement in a Micro-GridMohanty, K B; Pati, S
2005Fuzzy Logic Controller-based High Performance Induction Motor DriveBehera, S; Subudhi, B; Das, S P; Doradla, S R
Nov-2016A Fuzzy MLP Approach for Fault Diagnosis in Wireless Sensor NetworksSwain, Rakesh Ranjan; Khilar, Pabitra Mohan