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Title: Effect of Processing Parameters on Hardness and Microstructure of Austempered Ductile Iron
Authors: Panda, R K
Dhal, J P
Mishra, S C
Sen, S
Keywords: Austempering
austempered ductile iron
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: ijcrr
Citation: International Journal of Current Research and Review, Vol. 04 issue 05 March 2012
Abstract: In the present investigation the effect of copper along with the process variables (austempering temperature and austempering time) on hardness and microstructure of ductile iron is studied. With increasing austempering time hardness is increasing but with increasing austempering temperature it is decreasing. Austempered ductile iron with copper is showing some higher hardness than the austempered ductile iron without copper. In microstructure ferrite is increasing with increasing austempering time and austenite is increasing with increasing austempering temperature in both the grades
Description: Copyright for this paper belongs to International Journal of Current Research and Review
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