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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2024Functional Carbon Nanomaterials and Carbon-Polymer Hydrogel for Therapeutic ApplicationsMohapatra, Sasmita
Mar-2024Green Synthesis of Carbon Dot for Rapid Selective Detection and Photoreduction of Cr(VI) Under SunlightBehera, Lingaraj; Mohapatra, Sasmita
Mar-2023Improved Photodegrdation and Antimicrobial Activity of Hydrothermally Synthesized 0.2Ce-Tio2 /RGO Under Visible LightBehera, Lingaraj; Barik, Balaram; Mohapatra, Sasmita
Mar-2023Multifunctional Bio-Based Photothermal/Photocatalytic Hydrogel Evaporator for Highly Efficient Seawater Desalination and Contaminant AdsorptionPattnayak, Bibek Chaw; Mohapatra, Sasmita
Jul-2022One-pot Synthesis of MnO2CD for Multiple Applications: Detection of Arsenic in Water, Rice Plant and Reversible Temperature SensingBehera, Lingaraj; Pati, Debasish; Sahu, Binod Bihari; Mohapatra, Sasmita
Aug-2022Papaya-Derived Carbon-Dot-Loaded Fluorescent Hydrogel for NIR-Stimulated Photochemotherapy and Antibacterial ActivityPanda, Snigdharani; Pattnayak, Bibek Chaw; Dash, Priyanka; Nayak, Bismita; Mohapatra, Sasmita
Dec-2023Ratiometric Fluorescent Probe for Non-enzymatic Detection of Uric Acid and Anthrax Biomarker and Visualisation of Uric AcidMohapatro, Upasana; Mohapatra, Sasmita
Mar-2024Reusable Floating Spherical Hydrogel Evaporator for Solar Desalination with Salt Mitigation and Contaminant EliminationPattnayak, Bibek Chaw; Krishna, V. Saimohana; Sahu, Bikash K.; Mohapatra, Sasmita
Dec-2023Synthesis of Photothermal Hydrogel for Solar Water Distillation and Multiple ApplicationsSahu, Bikash Kumar; Mohapatra, Sasmita