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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Analysis of Wind Turbine Driven Double-output Induction Generator under Abnormal Condition of the GridChitti Babu, B; Mohanty, K B
Jun-2010Analysis on the effect of dynamic mutual inductance in voltage build-up of a stand-alone Brushless Asynchronous GeneratorDebta, B K; Mohanty, K B
Apr-2011Analysis, Voltage Control and Experiments on a Self Excited Induction GeneratorDebta, B K; Mohanty, K B
2000Application of Differential Geometry for a High Performance Induction Motor DriveMohanty, K B; De, N K
Dec-2014Application of Second Generation Wavelet Transform for SEIG Load Transient DetectionDalei, J; Mohanty, K B
2004A closed loop observer for rotor flux estimation in induction machinesMohanty, K B
2009A Comparative Study of P-I, I-P, Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Controllers for Speed Control of DC Motor DriveKhuntia, S R; Mohanty, K B; Panda, S; Ardil, C
2010A Comparative Study on Fuzzy and PI Speed Controllers for Field-Oriented Induction Motor DriveSahu, B; Mohanty, K B; Pati, S
2008Control of double-output induction machine for variable speed wind energy conversion system using dynamic vector approachChitti Babu, B; Mohanty, K B; Poongothai, C
Dec-2014Design and Analysis of Stationary Frame PR Current Controller for Performance Improvement of Grid Tied PV InvertersChatterjee, A; Mohanty, K B
2001Design of a fuzzy sliding mode controller for a field oriented induction motor driveMohanty, K B
2003Development of fuzzy sliding mode controller for decoupled induction motor driveMohanty, K B
2004Development of Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for a Two Terminal HVDC LinkMohanty, K B
2009A Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor with Variable Hysteresis BandMohanty, K B
Mar-2009DSP-Based Doubly Fed Induction Generator Test Bench Using a Back-to-Back PWM ConverterParida, R; Mohanty, K B
2007A Fast Edge Detection Algorithm for Road Boundary Extraction Under Non uniform Light ConditionRoutray, A; Mohanty, K B
Jun-2015Fault detection of self excited induction generatorDalei, J; Mohanty, K B
2005Flux and speed estimation in decoupled induction motor drive using Kalman FilterMohanty, K B; Patra, Amit
2009Frequency Domain Modeling for Classification of SignalsMohanty, K B
2008Fuzzy Logic Based Control of Variable Speed Induction Machine Wind Generation SystemKaur, K; Chowdhury, S; Chowdhury, S P; Mohanty, K B; Domijan, A