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Title: Analysis on the effect of dynamic mutual inductance in voltage build-up of a stand-alone Brushless Asynchronous Generator
Authors: Debta, B K
Mohanty, K B
Keywords: Brushless asynchronous generator
self excited induction generator
prime mover
d-q model
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Citation: Procc. of National Power Electronics Conference (NPEC), Roorkee, Jun. 2010, pp. 1-7.
Abstract: This paper presents the effect of magnetizing inductance in self-excitation and also finds that speed too plays an important role necessary to initiate and to sustain the self excitation process in an isolated three phase induction generator for a given capacitance value and load. During self excitation the variation in the value of magnetizing inductance, due to saturation, is the main factor that stabilizes the growing transient of generated voltage and then to continue to oscillate at a particular frequency and voltage in the steady state. Normally attention is given to the value of magnetizing inductance around the rated voltage for motoring application, but for stand-alone brushless asynchronous generator, the value of magnetizing inductance varies, due to saturation, as the generated voltage grows. The variation of magnetizing inductance, increasing at lower voltage and then decreasing at higher voltage until it reaches the rated voltage, and its effect on self-excitation is discussed in this paper. Also the transients of active and reactive power transfer between the capacitor bank and induction machine is shown along with the developed electromagnetic torque. The simulation results from MATLAB code also are shown.
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