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Title: Control of double-output induction machine for variable speed wind energy conversion system using dynamic vector approach
Authors: Chitti Babu, B
Mohanty, K B
Poongothai, C
Keywords: asynchronous generators
asynchronous machines
direct energy conversion
machine control
wind power
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Region 10 Conference TENCON 2008 - 2008, TENCON 2008. HYDERABAD,
Abstract: In this paper modeling and control of double-output induction machine for wind energy conversion system is investigated. An attempt to develop a vectorized dynamic model of induction machine which can be simulated as both motoring and generating mode when testing control strategies. Through the model developed in this paper can be used for simulating all types of induction generator configurations. The choice of synchronous rotating reference frame makes it particularly favorable for the simulation of double-output configuration in transient conditions. A Complete simulation model is developed for the control of the active and reactive power of the double-output induction generator during wind variations.
Description: Copyright for the paper belongs to IEEE
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