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Title: Flux and speed estimation in decoupled induction motor drive using Kalman Filter
Authors: Mohanty, K B
Patra, Amit
Keywords: Induction Motor
decoupling Control
sensorless Control
Flux Estimation
Speed Estimation
Kalman Algorithm
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: IIT Mumbai
Citation: Proceedings of 29TH National Systems Conference (NSC), IIT Mumbai, Dec. 2005, P 1-9.
Abstract: This paper presents the rotor flux and speed estimation of a decoupled induction motor drive using Kalman filter. The induction motor model in rotor reference frame is considered, with its torque and flux decoupled. Kalman algorithm is first used to estimate the rotor flux. Then speed is estimated by Kalman algorithm using the estimated flux. Controllers are used for sensorless speed control of the drive. Studies show that the estimation algorithm works well and the sensorless speed control scheme can achieve fast transient response as good as that of drives with sensors, and at the same time maintain a wide speed control range.
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