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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A Distributed Contention Resolution Scheme to Reduce Blocking Probability in Optical Burst Switching NetworksTuruk, A K; Kumar, R
2006Distributed dynamic slicing of Java programsMohapatra, Durga Prasad; Kumar, R; Mall, R; Kumar, D S; Bhasin, M
2008Dynamic slicing of aspect-oriented programsMohapatra, Durga Prasad; Sahu, M; Kumar, R; Mall, R
2004An edge marking technique for dynamic slicing of object-oriented programsMohapatra, Durga Prasad; Mall, R; Kumar, R
2006A flexible contention resolution scheme for QoS provisioning in optical burst switching networksTuruk, A K; Kumar, R
Jan-2015Multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling Study of Slopping Behavior During Basic Oxygen Steel Making (BOS) ProcessPal, S; Kumari, V; Kumar, R; Yedla, N
2004New Schemes for Connection Establishment in GPMLS Environment for WDM NetworksDutta, R; Turuk, A K; Ghose, S; Kumar, R; Sengupta, I
2004A novel approach for computing dynamic slices of object-oriented programs with conditional statementsMohapatra, Durga Prasad; Mall, R; Kumar, R
2004A Novel Scheme to Reduce Burst-Loss and Provide QoS in Optical Burst Switching NetworksTuruk, A K; Kumar, R
2005A Parallel Algorithm for Dynamic Slicing of Distributed Java Programs in non-DSM SystemsMohapatra, Durga Prasad; Mall, R; Kumar, R
2005QoS provisioning in a WDM ring network with tunable transceiverTuruk, A K; Kumar, R
2004A scalable and collision-free MAC protocol for all optical ring networksTuruk, A K; Kumar, R
2003A Token Based Distributed Algorithm for Medium Access in an Optical Ring NetworkTuruk, A K; Kumar, R; Ramamurthy, B
2004A token-based distributed algorithm for medium access in an optical ring networkTuruk, A K; Kumar, R; Badrinath, R
Oct-2004A token-based distributed algorithm to support QoS in a WDM ring network.Turuk, A K; Kumar, R
May-2019UVIT Observations of UV-Bright stars in Galactic Globular ClustersKumar, R; Pradhan, A C; Mohapatra, A; Parthasarathy, M; Ojha, D K; Murthy, J