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Title: A token-based distributed algorithm for medium access in an optical ring network
Authors: Turuk, A K
Kumar, R
Badrinath, R
Keywords: Optical ring network
Medium access control
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Optics Communication, Vol 231, Iss 1-6, P 199-212
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a node architecture and a token-based algorithm to access the shared medium in an optical ring network. The algorithm is based on a reservation scheme. However, unlike other reservation schemes which operate in three stages viz. reserve, transmit and release, the proposed scheme operates in two stages viz. reserve and transmit and does not explicitly release the reserved resources. The proposed algorithm selects the earliest available data-channel for reservation hence we call it earliest available channel (EAC) algorithm. The EAC algorithm operates in a distributed manner, and has the capability of handling channel collision and destination con icts. Each node in the network maintains three modules: send module, receive module and token processing module, and is equipped with a tunable transceiver in contrast to the previous work which uses an array of xed transceivers. We study the performance of the algorithm, by simulation, for xed-sized bursts and bursts whose size is determined by M/Pareto distribution. We nd our algorithm is superior in terms of wavelength utilization. Since, our algorithm uses a single tunable transceiver at each node, this is scalable with respect to the number of data-channels, however, delays are marginally increased.
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