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Title: QoS provisioning in a WDM ring network with tunable transceiver
Authors: Turuk, A K
Kumar, R
Keywords: Quality of service
optical ring network
medium access control
tunable transceiver
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: IOS Press
Citation: Journal of High Speed Networks, Vol 14, No 4, P 317-339
Abstract: In this paper, we propose two algorithms and a node architecture to access the shared medium and to support priority based quality-of-service (QoS) in WDM ring network. The algorithms give priority to a node having high priority request in reserving a destination node and/or a data-channel. The rst algorithm selects a datachannel based on earliest availability of the data-channel, and the second with minimum scheduling latency. Both the schemes employ reservation mechanism, however they differ from the traditional reservation mechanism in that no explicit release of the reserved resources take place. The proposed schemes are contention-free, easy to implement and require no bu ers at nodes. The proposed node architecture is con gured around tunable transceiver(s) and thus makes the scheme scalable. We study performance of both the schemes, by simulation, for bursty tra c modeled using an M/Pareto distribution, and compare the performance with another token based algorithm. We found that our schemes perform better in terms of wavelength utilization. However, delays are higher due to the single tunable transceiver used in our scheme as opposed to an array of transmitters and receivers in the previous work.
Description: Copyright for this article belongs to IOS Press
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