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Title: New Schemes for Connection Establishment in GPMLS Environment for WDM Networks
Authors: Dutta, R
Turuk, A K
Ghose, S
Kumar, R
Sengupta, I
Keywords: Lightpath
Label Switched Router (LSR)
Optical Crossconnects (OXCs)
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: World Scientific
Citation: International Journal of Wireless & Optical Communication, Vol 2, No 1, 83-98
Abstract: Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) is growing in popularity as a set of protocols for provisioning and managing core optical networks. In this paper, [note: A preliminary version of this paper appeared in the proceedings of CIT 2003, Bhubaneshwar, India.] we present new schemes for provisioning lightpaths in WDM optical network. We first propose a path selection scheme required for deploying lightpaths in GMPLS environment. When a request for lightpath arrives at a source LSR, in GMPLS it is required to send request messages from an upstream LSR to the downstream LSR for setting up a lightpath. Therefore it is needed that an appropriate route be selected through the optical network for the requested lightpath. Keeping in mind its signaling characteristics we describe a path selection algorithm that can be built on GMPLS to enhance its performance. We next propose a path setup scheme for setting up the connection using the path selected with our earlier scheme. The lookahead approach of our path set up scheme enables it to work faster than existing GMPLS path setup protocols. We performed extensive simulation and found that the blocking probability of the WDM networks in GMPLS environment is lower when using our schemes than with the existing standard protocols.
Description: Copyright for this article belongs to World Scientific Publishing
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