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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2022Additive Manufactured Aero-turbine BladeBehera, Ajit; Mallick, Priyabrata
May-2012Analysis and prediction of surface roughness of plasma sprayed mild steelBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C; Behera, S
Feb-2012Analysis of Martensitic Transformation in Ni-Mn-Sn FSMABehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
2013ANN Controlled Plasma Spray Process by using Industrial WasteBehera, Ajit; Parida, P; Behera, R K; Mishra, S C
Dec-2012Application of Fly-ash Composite in Plasma Surface EngineeringBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
2012Application of Neural Network Analysis to Correlate the Properties of Plasma Spray CoatingBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Feb-2012Assurance of Quality Improvement for Tool Steel by Cryo-processingRout, S; Behera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Nov-2017Atmospheric plasma spraying of industrial waste to enhance the erosion property of metalBehera, Ajit; Swain, Biswajit
Dec-2011Characterisation of Nanoparticle through SEM, FTIR & DSCParida, P; Behera, Ajit; Swain, S K; Mishra, S C
2013Characteristic study of fl y-ash+quartz+illmenite compositeBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
2012Classification of Biomaterials used in MedicineParida, P; Behera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Dec-2012Coating Material Interaction on Metal Substrate by Application of Plasma SprayingBehera, Ajit; Sahoo, S K; Mishra, S C
Aug-2012Comparative Study of Cryo -Treated SteelBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Mar-2012Corrosion Sensing Smart Polymeric CoatingsBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C; Parida, P
Dec-2011Cryogenic Technique for Processing Steel TreatmentBehera, Asit; Behera, Ajit; Mishra, S C; Swain, S K
Jan-2012Demand on Magic MetalBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Apr-2012Dependence of Adhesion Strength of Plasma Spray on Coating Surface PropertiesBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Mar-2012Drug Release Profile of Aripiprazole Mouth Dissolving Polymeric FormulationParida, P; Tripathy, S P; Mishra, S C; Behera, Ajit
Mar-2017Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Micro oven Treated Fly Ash Reinforced Epoxy Composite using ExtendedTaguchi Approach OptimizationPattanaik, A; Bhyan, S K; Mishra, S C; Patro, S S; Behera, Ajit
2012Improvement of Mild Steel Surface Properties by Fly-ash + Quartz + Illmenite Composite CoatingBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C