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Title: Assurance of Quality Improvement for Tool Steel by Cryo-processing
Authors: Rout, S
Behera, Ajit
Mishra, S C
Keywords: Cryogenic Treatment
Tool Steel
Issue Date: Feb-2012
Citation: Proceedings of RAMM-2012, 25-26 February 2012
Abstract: Cryo-processing, a supplementary process to conventional heat treatment, involves freezing of materials at cryogenic temperatures to enhance the mechanical and physical properties of materials. This paper deals with improvement of properties of the tool steel by cryogenic treatment and its greater life span in an industrial application. After the Second World War cryogenic technology were abandoned until the seventies when aerospace industry took up this technology again and the treatment started to be developed as a new industrial process. Today cryogenic treatment would be regarded as one of the most important processes in the field of industries, and it is the ultra modern type of processing to make the metals more resistant to wear and more durable. The use of this treatment is extremely environmentally friendly and absolutely produces no waste during the process. The properties of the cryogenic treated tool steel are generally gained due to the conversion of austenite to martensite. Proper heat treating can transform 85% of the retained austenite to martensite and the cryogenic treatment only transforms an addition of 8 to 15%. Present investigation is about cost and durability after and before cryogenic treatments. As it is known the most important problems faced by the industries are the wear and tear of the machine parts. This wear of the machine parts not only increases the cost of production but also the time wasted for the replacement process. Cryogenic technique gives assurance for solve these problem. These ultra-cold temperatures, below -310°F, will greatly increase the strength and wear life of all types of vehicle components, castings and cutting tools. In addition, other benefits include reduced maintenance, repairs and replacement of tools and components, reduced vibrations, rapid and more uniform heat dissipation, and improved conductivity.
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