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Title: Corrosion Sensing Smart Polymeric Coatings
Authors: Behera, Ajit
Mishra, S C
Parida, P
Keywords: Smart polymer
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Citation: Fourth Conference On Fourth Conference on Recent Advances in Polymer Technology, March 2-3, 2012, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon-425001 (M.S.)
Abstract: Smart materials cover a wide and developing range in engineering & medical application. This paper presents the “Stimuli-sensitive/smart” polymeric systems which can overcome dramatic property changes responding to small changes in its surrounding environment. Here there is a corrosion resistant or protective smart polymeric coating and paints have been described. Additional smart-coating principles potentially relevant to corrosion sensing that are clear from experimental view. The system includes the paint systems containing color-changing compounds, responding to pH changes that results from corrosion processes. Changes of coating compounds from nonfluorescent to fluorescent states, upon oxidation or complexing with metal cations. Release of color dyes containing anticorrosive additives from embedded layer filled with dye and additive following mechanical damage of the coating. This experiment shows and identify the location of the hydrous aluminum oxide corrosion product by fluorescing and color-changing dyes which is applied to Al alloys. Smart polymers are becoming increasingly more prevalent as scientists learn about the chemistry and triggers that induce conformational changes in polymer structures and devise ways to take advantage and control them. New polymeric materials are being chemically formulated that sense specific environmental changes in biological systems, and adjust in a predictable manner making them useful tools for drug delivery or other metabolic control mechanisms.
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