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Title: Dynamic modelling, simulation and control of a manipulator with flexible links and joints
Authors: Subudhi, B
Morris, A S
Keywords: Manipulator
Flexible link
Flexible joint
Singular perturbation
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Citation: Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol 41, No 4, p 257–270
Abstract: The paper presents a dynamic modelling technique for a manipulator with multiple flexible links and flexible joints, based on a combined Euler–Lagrange formulation and assumed modes method. The resulting generalised model is validated through computer simulations by considering a simplified case study of a two-link flexible manipulator with joint elasticity. Controlling such a manipulator is more complex than controlling one with rigid joints because only a single actuation signal can be applied at each joint and this has to control the flexure of both the joint itself and the link attached to it. To resolve the control complexities associated with such an under-actuated flexible link/flexible joint manipulator, a singularly perturbed model has been formulated and used to design a reduced-order controller. This is shown to stabilise the link and joint vibrations effectively while maintaining good tracking performance.
Description: Copyright for this paper belongs to the Elsevier Science.
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