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Title: Coordinated Motion Control of a Mobile Manipulator
Authors: Bhowmik, Subrata
Subudhi, B
Parhi, D R K
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Engineering, Kolkata,2-14 January, p 124-131
Abstract: The Coordination of the motion planning of the manipulator end point and the mobile base is a crucial task for a mobile robot control. The mobile manipulator is mounted on the mobile platform where the end point of the manipulator is guided to follow an arbitrarily chosen path .The mobile platform may move in such a manner so that the manipulator end may track the arbitrary trajectories. This paper presents a planning and control algorithm for the mobile platform so that the manipulator can track the arbitrary line with minimum error. Simulation studies are given for the verification of the algorithm at the end. The result shows the effectiveness of the motion algorithm.
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