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Title: RF and Noise performance exploration of Double Gate FinFET
Authors: Pradhan, K P
Sahu, P K
Keywords: Double Gate FinFET
Sub-threshold Slope (SS)
Short Channel Effects (SCEs)
Quantum confinement
Noise spectral density
Issue Date: Feb-2017
Citation: 6th International Conference On Advances in Computing, Control and Networking (ACCN 2017), Bangkok, Thailand, 25-26 February 2017
Abstract: Double Gate FinFET devices are suitable for nano electronic circuits due to better scalability, higher on-current (Ion), improved Sub-threshold Slope (SS) and undoped body (no random dopant fluctuation). Body thickness (TSi ) increases the gate control over the channel resulting in reduced short channel effects (SCEs). Thin Tsi increases the quantum confinement of charge, resulting increased threshold-voltage (Vth), and hence, reduced performance. In this work, we have varied the process parameters like channel length (Lg ) in presence of noise and analyzed various parameters. Significant variation in the noise spectral density has been observed, which is related to the random occurrence of excess Lorentzian components (1/f2 -like nature) associated with generation–recombination (GR) noise.
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URI: 10.15224/ 978-1-63248-117-7-54
ISBN: 978-1-63248-117-7
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