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Title: Micro-structural Analysis of Fly Ash and Clay Compacts
Authors: Pattanaik, A
Mishra, S C
Keywords: fly-ash
compressive strength
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: STM Journals
Citation: Journal of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (2013) 1-10
Abstract: Industrial waste like fly-ash is mainly used as a good building material due to its low weight. But the main disadvantage of these bricks is its low compressive strength. So, a lot of research is going on to increase the strength of these bricks. Normal clay is used for making of bricks in a cheaper sense. So, a research is carried out to develop a new systematic procedure to produce a new type of brick which will have higher compressive strength than the normal clay bricks. Here the fly-ash is mixed with clay at different compositions, sintered at different temperatures and their microstructural analysis has been carried out to find out a solution to enhance its property.
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ISSN: 2231 - 3818
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