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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2022Machinability of Ti6Al4V as influenced by cutting velocity, tool feed and cutting depthBhaviri, Naga Sri Tharun; Sahoo, Sarthak Prasad; Datta, Saurav
Dec-2018A Machine Learning Approach for Predicting DDoS Traffic in Software Defined NetworksSahoo, Kshira Sagar; Iqbal, Amaan; Maiti, Prasenjit; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Dec-2023Machine Learning Based Erosion Response Analysis of Hybrid FRP CompositesMahapatra, Sourav Kumar; Satapathy, Alok
Aug-2022Machine Learning-Based Heart Disease Prediction: A Study for Home Personalized CareSahoo, Goutam Kumar; Kanike, Keerthana; Das, Santos Kumar; Singh, Poonam
2007Machine Loading in Flexible Manufacturing System:A Swarm Optimization ApproachBiswas, Sandhyarani; Mahapatra, S S
Jul-2016Machining Performance Optimization for Electro Discharge Machining of Inconel 625: A Case Experimental StudyRahul, .; Upadhyay, C; Datta, S; Biswal, B B; Mahapatra, S S
Dec-2018Magnetic and anomalous dielectric behavior of Mn modified Ba2Mg2Fe12O22 hexaferriteAbdullah, Md. F.; Pal, P.; Chandrakant, K.; Jena, R.; Vishwakarma, P. N.; Singh, A. K.
Dec-2022Magnetic and Dielectric Study of KBiFe2O5/CoFe2O4 CompositeSahu, Durga Prasad; Jena, Chandrakanta, R.; Singh, A. K.
2018Magnetic and optical studies of NiFe2O4 micro and nanoparticlesKarmakar, Subrata; Behera, Dhrubananda
2009Magnetic Field Induced Pinning Effect in YBa2Cu3O7−δ + BaZrO3 SuperconductorMohanta, A; Behera, D
2014Magnetic Origin Of Dielectric Transition In BiFeO3Ray, J; Biswal, A K; Babu, P D; Siruguri, V; Vishwakarma, P N
Dec-2023Magnetic, Optical, Electrical and Charge Storage Capacity of Ca2+ and Sr2+ Doped Lanthanum Ferrite CeramicsDas, Subhadip; Pratihar, Swadesh Kumar
Dec-2023Magneto-Dielectric Characterization of (Zn2Y)0.4(NiF)0.6 Composite for High Frequency Antenna ApplicationKumar, Amrendra; Polley, Kousik; Bera, Japes
Jan-2013Magnetodielectric response of coexisting phases in half doped manganitesDash, S; Banerjee, A; Chaddah, P
Feb-2018Making Sense of ‘Anthropological-self’ in the Interactions with the ‘Scholarly Other’Thamminaina, Apparao
17-Dec-2014Mammogram Classification using Two Dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform and Gray-level Co-occurrence Matrix for Detection of Breast CancerMBeura, S; Majhi, B; Dash, R
2011Man-in-the-Middle Attack and its Countermeasure in Bluetooth Secure Simple PairingMutchukota, T R; Panigrahy, S K; Jena, S K
Aug-2011Man-in-the-Middle Attack and its Countermeasure in Bluetooth Secure Simple PairingMuchukota, T R; Panigrahy, S K; Jena, S K
Feb-2018Management of Flood and Drought through Development of Water Resources in Odisha StatePidathala, Sunil; Dhiman, Sachin; Patra, Kanhu Charan
2004Management of High Flood in Mahanadi & its Tributaries below NarajKhatua, K K; Patra, K C