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Title: Magnetic Origin Of Dielectric Transition In BiFeO3
Authors: Ray, J
Biswal, A K
Babu, P D
Siruguri, V
Vishwakarma, P N
Keywords: Sol-gel method
Magnetic relaxation
Cole-Cole plot
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: AIP Publishing
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings 1591, 1595 (2014); doi: 10.1063/1.4873046
Abstract: Magnetic relaxation measurements at 5K, 50K and 120K on BiFeO3 prepared by sol-gel auto combustion method shows stretched -exponential decay. These results shows the two factors viz, cooperative dynamics and rate of dynamics of spin, may be responsible for the low temperature magnetic-glassy behavior, concluded from bifurcation of zero field cooled (ZFC) and field cooled (FC) data of dc magnetization. Temperature dependent dielectric measurement shows a possible phase transition, seen in the dielectric-relaxation time and dielectric constant in the range 200 – 240K. Comparison of dielectric and magnetization data indicates a possibility of magneto-electric coupling
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