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Title: Man-in-the-Middle Attack and its Countermeasure in Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing
Authors: Muchukota, T R
Panigrahy, S K
Jena, S K
Keywords: Bluetooth
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Information Processing, 5-7 August 2011, Bangalore, India, PP. 367-376
Series/Report no.: CCIS;Vol 157
Abstract: This paper describes the countermeasure of man-in-the-middle attack in Bluetooth secure simple pairing. The attack is based on sending random signals to jam the physical layer of legitimate user and then by falsification of information sent during the input/output capabilities exchange; also the fact that the security of the protocol is likely to be limited by the capabilities of the least powerful or the least secure device type. In addition, a new countermeasure is devised that render the attack impractical, as well as it is an improvement to the existing Bluetooth secure simple pairing in order to make it more secure.
Description: Copyright belongs to the Proceedings Publisher- Springer
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