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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2019Influence of Li+ co-doping on Structural and Luminescent properties of Dy3+ activated CaMoO4 phosphorsNayak, Priyanka; Nanda, S.S.; Dash, S
2006Influence of nanomodification on physical properties of polymer nanocompositesBal, S; Nayak, Y
Nov-2017Influence of Pretreatment on Mechanical properties of Bio waste Eggshell CompositeDash, C; Das, A; Behera, S; Bisoyi, D. K
Apr-2012Influence of processing variables on the mechanical behavior of spheroidal graphite cast ironSwain, S K; Sen, S; Mishra, S C
Feb-2019Influence of Rare Earth (Y3+) on Structural, Dielectric and Magnetic Properties of Cobalt ferrite nanoparticlesRoutray, K L; Behera, D
Mar-2017Influence of Ratcheting Strain on Tensile Behaviour of A356 Al AlloyMishra, Srimant Kumar; Roy, Himadri; Dutta, Krishna
Dec-2017Influence of surface condition on laser brazing of aluminum to steelDamanapeta, Narsimhachary; Shariff, S. M; Padmanabham, G; Basu, Anindya
Mar-2018Influence of Surface Roughness on Wear Behaviour of Ceramic NanocompositesSharma, Nidhi; Alam, Syed Nasimul
Oct-2018Influence of ultrasonication and processing parameters on stability of carvacrol loaded emulsionsSyed, Irshaan; Sarkar, Preetam
2008Influence of Working Gas and Oil Injection Rate on Efficiency of Oil Injected Twin Screw Air CompressorSeshaiah, N; Sahoo, R K; Sarangi, S K
Nov-2016Influence of Zirconium Addition on Creep Behaviour of Nano Crystalline Nickel: A Atomistic Simulation Based StudyPal, S; Meraj, M; Deng, C
2006Influence of ZrO2 on the thermo-mechanical response of nano-ZTASarkar, D; Adak, S; Chu, M C; Cho, S J; Mitra, N K
Jun-2017Influences of Curing Conditions On Strength and Microstructure of Lime-Amended Fly AshPani, Aparupa; Singh, Suresh Prasad
2008Information Technology Services (ITS): a role of Information PractitionersRao, Y S; Choudhury, B K
Apr-2012Innate immune based path planner of an Autonomous Mobile RobotB.B.V.L, Deepak; Parhi, D R; Kundu, S
Oct-2022Inner mitochondrial membrane fission protein, MTP18, serves as a mitophagy receptor to prevent apoptosis in oral cancerPanigrahi, Debasna P.; Bhutia, Sujit K.
May-2013Innovations in sand mining for sustanable developmentJayanthu, S; Chandramohan, .
Oct-2018Innovative Application of T-Ray Imaging Unit for Crack Detection and Mine Safety – An Appraisal for Experimental TrialMukherjee, Moumita; Jayanthu, Singam
May-2019Innovative Biomaterial for Orthopedic Tissue DisorderPramanik, Krishna
2015Innovative Borohydride Synthesis Strategy to Fabricate Red (YBO3:Eu3+) and Green (YBO3:Tb3+) Nanophosphor with Improved Photoluminescence CharacteristicsSrivastava, S; Sahu, N K; Behera, S K; Nayak, B B