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Title: Evolution of Nanostructures, Mechanical and Magnetic Properties in Electrochemically deposited Cu/Ni Multilayers under Ultrasound
Authors: Mallik, A
Ray, B C
Keywords: nanostructures,
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Citation: 4th Asian Advanced Particle Technology, New Delhi, 14-16 September 2009
Abstract: In this work an attempt has been made to synthesize Cu/Ni multilayer by electrochemical route under ultrasound varying for alternate deposition of nano-layers. Our conclusions are the result of combining experimental work and characterization with XRD, SEM, AFM. XRD and microscopic studies confirmed the nano-range deposits. Ultrasound was found to have significant effect on the quantity of materials deposited and the surface morphology. Force-displacement curves generated during loading and unloading of a diamond tip indenter were used to determine the hardness and elastic properties of the deposits. An enhancement in the hardness was observed with increasing layer quantity. We have also demonstrated the increase in GMR values in multilayers.
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